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Interested in hosting a paid commercial shoot at your house?

We would love to discuss adding your home to our Residential Location Library.

Joining our library is not a hard and fast commitment, just an openness to host shoots if it works for you. Hosting a shoot is fun but can be overwhelming; we ensure the process is straightforward, transparent, and safe for your property.

ALL types of homes wanted. Fancy is NOT a prerequisite.

There is no fee to join our location library.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be compensated for the use of my home?


How do you determine my home's day rate?

The amount we are able to secure for any location is determined by the budget of a given project. Therefore we will more often than not determine your day rate on a job by job basis. However we can establish a baseline day-rate during contract signing that we will aim to meet. We will never move forward with booking without your approval of compensation, if you have a bottom line you are not willing to go below we will happily respect that.

When can I expect to get paid for a shoot taking place at my home?

You will be paid on the day of the shoot.

How often can I expect my house to be booked?

The answer to this question is dependent upon what kinds of locations producers are looking for. It’s possible a year could go by before your home is booked or that you could have several inquiries in a month.

Who is liable for damages should something happen to my property during a production?

In the unlikely event that your home incur any damage during a shoot the production company is liable. We will not allow a shoot to move forward until we have received a COI (Certificate of Insurance) from the production company naming your home as additionally insured.

Is someone from Subdivision at my house during a shoot?

Yes! If we can text you photos of the action your'e missing while the shoot is happening we will ;) 

How many days/weeks notice will I have before a shoot at my house?

The production world runs the gamut where timelines are concerned. Some folks may plan ahead six weeks in advance while others may need a location on a tighter deadline. In our experience usually there are 1 to 3 weeks between initial submission of locations and the shoot itself.

Can I turn down a shoot at my house?

Yes, we absolutely understand that your home may not always be available for a shoot, you can always say “no”.

How long is a production day?

10-12 hours depending on the production

What if a shoot goes beyond the period of time agreed to in the contract?

If a shoot goes beyond the amount of time established in the contract overtime will be charged.

Am I allowed to be at home during a production?

You are permitted to be at home during a shoot however it is imperative that you not interfere with the production.

Can I restrict certain areas of my home?

Yes, if there is a specific area of your home that you would like to restrict during a shoot we will include this information in your House Rules packet and will ensure your conditions are respected.

In what shape can I expect to find my house after a shoot?

The production contract is very clear that your home be left in the same or better shape than it was found in. If for some reason this is not that case we will make sure the situation is remedied.

Will my utilities/facilities be used during the production?

When you host a shoot there is an expectation that your utilities will be utilized within reason. For still photography shoots the need to draw resources is very minimal. In the event that your home were to be booked for a large scale shoot with bigger energy needs we would be sure to add a utilities line item to the contract in order to cover the cost or production would bring in outside generators.

You can also expect that one of your restrooms will be used by crew members. Production is responsible for providing paper supplies as well as removing trash and ensuring cleanup of any facilities used by crewmembers.

How many people can I expect in my home during a shoot?

The size of the crew depends on the size/scope of the production. Crew size is one thing we like to get an idea for in the early stages of scouting and will always be transparent with you about how many people you can expect in your home upfront. A still photography shoot can be anywhere from 10-30 people.

Why should I book a shoot through Subdivision and not through a producer or director who may approach me directly?

Why you should work with us is simple, we know you, we know your house, and we are 100% committed to the stewardship of your property. We oversee booking, contracts, insurance, payment, and day of coordination. We vet projects before presenting them to you and know how a production’s footprint will impact your home; with this knowledge we are able to get you the best day-rate as well as provide you with all the information you will want to know about what to expect on the day of the shoot.

Occasionally we hear about homeowners who received far less for hosting a shoot than their house was worth. We enter into compensation negotiation with a deep understanding of the production’s impact as well as the production value of your home, we will always strive to get you the best day rate possible.

E-mail or call us if you are interested adding your home to our library, we look forward to hearing from you!